About us

Mrs. P. Rajbansh (Principal, Naman Vidya)

We take pride in the fact that our school has a family atmosphere in which everybody is valued as an individual and is encouraged to reach his or her full potential within a disciplined yet caring environment. The small number of students per class allows for personalized caring and attention to every student. The school has a high teacher-student ratio, which ensures that individual needs can be assessed and individual help and support provided. I am thoroughly enjoying my role and looking forward to the challenges that Naman Vidya has to offer and to taking it forward in the next phase of its development. 

Dr. M.M. Anand,
Former Dean & HOD, FMS, DU, Ph D, M Com, DU, GICAME (Stanford)

Dr. Anand, Professor of Marketing Management, Formerly Dean and Head, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi. He was send to Stanford University to attend a one-year advanced training programme by FMS. He has 45 years of teaching, training and consulting experience.         
 "Over the last four decades my deep involvement in the world of education has taught me a host of important lessons. The most important amongst which has been the realization that leadership is more about attitude than aptitude.  At Naman Vidya, the curriculum, teachers, the extra-curricular activities, the infrastructure, the facilities and the environment, all complement each other to inculcate the right attitude and respect in the students. It will be a pleasure to put all my experience, both within India and abroad, for Naman Vidya, to ensure sustainable growth and development of the school on the road ahead.  Good wishes to all those people involved in the noble task."   


Mr. A. Jain

From the very first day of the birth of Naman Vidya, he has dedicated himself 24x7 to the cause of the school’s development. Over the years, he has immersed himself in the task of making Naman Vidya a name to reckon with in the world of education. He has been instrumental in setting up all the systems and best practices and innovations that have made the school truly unique and outstanding. His out-of-the-box thinking, ways and methods has brought freshness and newness to the entire institution. He believes that...'There's a genius in every child that matters and for whom the world eagerly awaits. It is the responsibility of Naman Vidya to awaken this genius in every child, and transform him or her into a wholesome and integrated personality through value development, individual development and intellectual development. '


Dr. M.S. Tyagi, M.sc., Ph.D (IIT, Kanpur), B.Ed

Dr. Tyagi has more than forty years of teaching experience in the institutions of learning such as IIT (Kanpur), BHU, DPS (RK Puram). He has also been the founder Principal of DPS (Bokaro Steel City) and during his 12-year tenure, the school has come onto national educational map with an impact. During his tenure as a principal, he visited several reputed schools of U.S to learn and understand about modern educational systems for adapting them to Indian academic Environment.   "It is my pleasure to be associated with Naman Vidya, which is designed and geared up to be recognised for the excellence of its students and faculty, the caliber of its academics and the variety of its co-curricular programmes. Education has always been a way of life for myself. It will be my privilege to share my experience in the world of education with Naman Vidya, to ensure that the school makes its mark in the times ahead. The biggest pleasure, however, will be when I see the leaders of tomorrow emerging from this school. Best of luck to all students! Greetings to all parents! And, good wishes to the management, staff and faculty of Naman Vidya.


Dr. J. Goswami, M.A. (Double), B.T., C.M.C., Ph.D

Dr. Goswami has more than 40 years of teaching and guiding experience in esteemed institutions such as St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling, and Sainik School, Purulia. During his 15 year tenure as Principal in Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Kolkata, the school had performed exceptionally well, and for the same, Telegraph bestowed the “Best Principal Award” upon him in 1988.
For his remarkable contribution to education, Lion’s Club awarded him with “Lifetime Achievement in Education” in 2007. He has also been the education consultant for Price Water House and West Bengal Government. During his brilliant career, he has also authored 18 books.
He has proved that age is no barrier when it comes to realizing dreams. He has put his incredible experience and vast knowledge, along with youngness of heart, to ensure all round development of the students and the School.
“At Naman Vidya learners, knowledge and virtues coalesce. It is a platform whereupon students share the wealth of knowledge and learn to discipline their bodies, mind and spirits. Naman Vidya is a centre of educational excellence, wherein both the curricular as well as the extra-curricular pursuits are given due encouragement. It is my pleasure to put all of my experience and knowledge for the all-round development of the students. On the journey to the future, I not only wish the very best for the school, I also promise to do my best for the growth and development of the school.”


Mr. P.K. Rawanka (Principal, BIS)

Mr. Rawanka has more than two decades’ teaching experience in various premier schools of India, such as Mayo College in Ajmer. During his long tenure, he has played a unique and pioneering role as senior mathematics teacher, housemaster and Principal. He has worked from the grassroots level for the development of education in India. His rich experience at boarding school has really helped Naman Vidya in setting up world class boarding facilities. His best wishes and motivation will always leads Naman Vidya to achieve greater heights in the future. “It has been an honour and, indeed, a privilege for me to have joined this premier institution. In the staff, students and every facility of the school, I have found the spirit of excellence pervading everything. It will be an honour to serve the school and be part of the team that takes it to the next higher levels of excellence in every aspect of education.”


Mr. Pramod Jain (C.A. -Gold Medalist, Vice- President Finance- Reliance Industries Ltd.)

Mr. Jain was very hardworking, sincere and dedicated learner from the childhood. From the very initial age, he started working to earn for pursuing his higher education. In a way he is a self made man, who never compromises with work ethics and honesty. His thoughts and vision really helped in shaping Naman Vidya. His practical approach has helped us in achieving success in the education field. He acts as a mentor for all of us at Naman Vidya, with his sound advice, sharp wit, gentle disposition and vast knowledge. “Naman Vidya has traversed several years now and proven its presence with quality education and well turned-out and knowledgeable students. The quality of education of the school has really undergone a veritable metamorphosis to emerge as a centre of educational excellence in India’s eastern region. I thank the members of the staff, the parents who reposed their faith in our capabilities, and every other person and organization that has come forward with support for the School in any way, for this remarkable rise.”